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  • United Glory 16 октября – Файткарта объявлена|United Glory October 16 Card Announced

United Glory 16 октября – Файткарта объявлена|United Glory October 16 Card Announced

United Glory 16 октября – Файткарта объявлена|United Glory October 16 Card Announced

Раньше уже сообщалось, что клуб Golden Glory организует целую серию событий по кикбоксингу и ММА. Первое из них состоится уже 16 октября, где пройдут четвертьфинальные поединки. Полуфинальные и финальные бои пройдут где-то в феврале.

We’ve reported before on United Glory’s ambitious world series of kickboxing event kicking off on October 16. As a reminder, this is a pair of tournaments, one kickboxing, one MMA, with the round of 8 taking place in October and the semi-finals and finals in February. So far, we’ve had a partial line-up. Now, the line-ups are set and the first round match-ups are annaounced.


Gokhan Saki – Brice Guidon
Errol Zimmerman – Adnan Redzovic
Stefan Leko – Wendell Roche
Mourad Bouzidi – Anderson Silva

Siyar Bahadurzada – Nick Thompson
Roan Carneiro – Luis Ramos
Tommy Depret – David Bielkheden
Sergey Golyaev – ?

Плюс 2 суперфайта, в одном из которых Ники Хольцкен будет драться против Сахина Якута.

Саки и Зиммерман участники К-1 финала 16, так что есть большая вероятность, что это событие они могут пропустить.

Источник: новости боев К-1

On October 16 in Amsterdam it will be:

Gokhan Saki v. Brice Guidon
Errol Zimmerman v. Adnan Redzovic
Stefan Leko v. Wendell Roche
Mourad Bouzidi v. Anderson Silva

Siyar Bahadurzada v. Nick Thompson
Roan Carneiro v. Luis Ramos
Tommy Depret v. David Bielkheden
Sergey Golyaev v. TBA

Plus two superfights, Nieky Holzken v. Sahin Yakut in kickboxing, and Marloes Coenen against a TBD opponent in an MMA fight.

Despite this being the “confirmed” line-up, there’s definitely a chance it could change. The original line-ups included names like Paul Daley and Shinya Aoki, though they have obviously been removed. From the kickboxing side, many of those involved are Golden Glory fighters, and since United Glory is essentially the promotion arm of Golden Glory, I would not expect them to cancel. This is, however, just two weeks after the K-1 Final 16, so depending on the action there, it’s entirely possible Zimmerman or Saki could have to drop out.

As it stands right now, this is a very solid tournament for a non-K-1 event. There are a lot of fun potential matches here, and in particular, if this somehow leads to Saki v. Zimmerman, it would be a very exciting fight. Hard to envision anyone else taking this, though Brice Guidon could be a spoiler, particularly if Saki ends up dropping out.

Source: Head Kick Legend