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EB-TV Muaythai: The Challenger Qualifier


Challenger 3D – MyMuayThai

Just came across this on the WMC site. I was fairly disappointed when I heard the second season of the Contender went down the drain. I felt like it was such a missed opportunity. Then I see this, and I’m not quite sure what to make of it. (more…)

Challenger Muaythai Generation 3D – Press Conference – WMC

A joint press conference was held in Bangkok to announce the upcoming Challenger Muaythai Generation 3D TV series which will be held in Malaysia and commence in October. The press conference was held by the World Muaythai Council, the Malaysian Muaythai Federation, and Osys Group of Companies. Selangor, Malaysia, will be the venue, and 16 of the best muaythai fighters from arou...

There can be only one ……. – WMC

The Producers of Contender Asia in conjunction with Selangkor Tourism are all set to bring the world another muaythai reality TV show, fully sanctioned by the WMC. (more…)

Contender Asia 2 Cast Solidified for Now. « The Science of 8 Limbs

Contender Asia 2 Cast Solidified for Now. « The Science of 8 Limbs. by Fatso King It would appear the cast of the Mark Burnett produced second season of Contender Asia 2 is solidified and set to begin filming next week.  The cast as reported by New Strait Times is as follows: 1. Mongkhon Wiwasuk aka Malaipet(Thailand) 2. Rafi Zouhier (Spain) 3. Mohd Faizal Ramli (Malaysia) 4. Jo...

Las superestrellas del Muay Thai‏

[singlepic id=51 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=left] Muchos peleadores comenzaron su carrera en el Campeonato Mundial de la IFMA, antes de progresar como superestrellas del Muay Thai.Peleadores como Buakaw, Kyshenko, Slowinski, Ramazan, Askerov, y la lista sigue, han sido campeones también amateur. Hoy son nombres de la casa, estos combatientes se han convertido en modelos a seguir y lo...