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(English) Rumour: K-1 event soon?

(English) Rumour: K-1 event soon?

This is pure speculation, but K-1 may not be as dead as people think…

It seems that there isn’t much happening lately with K-1. The deal with PUJI as investors fell through, Mr. Tani seems quiet, except in expressing sorrow over the quake. The K-1 site seems quiet too, excpet highlighting prayers for those hit by the earthquake.

However, no one who is a fan of K-1 can believe it’s dead. The legacy of K-1 is too great, the name has too much respect. The brand has been damaged, but with new ownership, intentional marketing and a new direction, the brand can be salvaged and rather easily at that.

According to Nightmare of Battle, a Japanese MMA blog, there seems a glimmer of light at the end of K-1’s dark tunnel. A writer/blogger by the name of Motoichiro Takasu reported he spoke with Mr. Tanikawa and asked how K-1 was. Mr. Tani is reported as saying he would have a press conference soon and announce an April event.

Also from Nightmare of Battle, it seems Masato will be involved somehow in the rebuilding of K-1, possibly in terms of a contract renewal with a broadcaster. No official capacity is known, but he may factor largely in K-1. Also, a profit for the company is possible if there are management/administrative changes, so we’ll see if that happens.

Source: http://www.fansofk1.com/