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Champions of Champions to Debut the Women of COC Elite on August 27th -earthtimes.org

Champions of Champions to Debut the Women of COC Elite on August 27th -earthtimes.org

The Women of COC Elite debuts on Champions of Champions Elite series. * Rochelle and Melinda helps COC Elite stimulate viewing audience on August 27th. * Watch Marco Pique vs. Liam Harrison and John Wayne Parr vs. Buakaw Por. Parmuk on Champions of Champions Elite monthly fight series on G4 August 27th.

Burbank, CA (PRWEB) August 13, 2010 — Champions of Champions will introduce new additions to the COC (Champions of Champions) Elite family on the August 27th – of the Champions of Champions Elite series on G4.

The Team

The woman of COC Elite is comprised of four young ladies who will be with the viewing audience as hosts throughout the program. The team will provide information on upcoming events and stories highlighting Muay Thai. They will also close the show with a COC Elite Wrap-Up segment and introduce the fighters for the next broadcast.

“These poised young ladies were selected for their beauty, desire and intelligence. The viewing audience will delight in watching their growth as both Ambassadors and on air talents.

The series strives to provide inspirational stories that will stimulate its viewers in many ways. Just as the Fighters of COC Elite fight to become the best and to achieve their goals, these four young ladies seek to achieve their own dreams and make their mark in the world.

The first 2 members of the Team will be introduced to the audience on August 27th. Rochelle and Melinda sat down for a brief interview during their first taping for the series. They shared some insight on their feelings about joining Champions of Champions Elite and the opportunity in front of them.

Meet The Team


Rochelle Holness brings to the COC Elite team 5’9” of sophisticated glamour. Rochelle’s Jamaican background coupled with growing up in Miami makes her not only exotic, but worldly. She currently maintains residences in both Miami and Los Angeles. And yes guys, she is single.

On the subject of travel, Rochelle talked about jetting around the world to destinations like France, Ireland, Dominican Republic and Mexico. Left on her travel itinerary are journeys to the Middle East to learn more about its culture. One aspect of her travel that intrigues her is the opportunity to meet so many fascinating people and discover how they live their day to day lives.

When asked about opportunities to meet people of substance, she immediately brought up the name of Angelina Jolie who she admires for her philanthropic works. Rochelle has been working with the Miami Red Cross. Rochelle believes that in order to be completely fabulous, “One must have substance in life and give back in any way possible”, Rochelle said. She also stressed that meeting anyone that is making positive changes in the world and are innovators strongly impacts her life.

Rochelle’s background as a working professional in Public Relations has given her many tools with which to communicate with people of all walks of life. It also taught her the importance of working in a fast paced environment. But underneath, Rochelle has always felt the pull of the entertainment industry. She says her earliest dream was to be Janet Jackson so she could show the world some of her own dancing and singing skills.

Having been introduced to Muay Thai by a friend, Rochelle has begun to appreciate the sport itself very much in the same way she appreciates boxing, which she has been a big fan of for years. She admitted that she is now addicted to watching Muay Thai. Rochelle herself is an athlete, participating in track and field in High School and winning many awards along the way.

Since becoming associated with COC Elite, she has been excited to see the level of competition among ladies such as Julie Kitchen and Angie Parr. It surprised her that the women of Muay Thai were as fierce competitors as the men. Among the men that intrigue her are fellow Jamaican Clifton Brown and Marco Pique who she admits that besides being an amazing fighter ‘is a knockout’. Rochelle believes that what makes Muay Thai exciting and sexy, is that both men and women fighters are in peak physical condition. “After all, who doesn’t like seeing amazing bodies that aren’t covered up by all that equipment and gear?” Rochelle said.

Rochelle sees the opportunity of joining the Team as one that will impact her life in many ways. She believes that this affords her the space to be an Ambassador for COC Elite as well as for the sport of Muay Thai. While acknowledging the legion of existing diehard Muay Thai fans, Rochelle says that she hopes the series on American cable television network will also draw new fans to the sport.


Melinda Molenda is the girl next door that everyone wished actually lived next door. Tall and tomboy slim with a knockout smile and dazzling eyes, Melinda is single and enjoys life as part of the young Hollywood set. Born in Winston Salem, North Carolina, she moved to California to pursue a career in entertainment.

Being in Hollywood has opened her eyes to the huge possibilities the world has to offer. Although she hasn’t traveled outside of the United States, she dreams of seeing Spain, France, Italy and Brazil to learn as much as she can about as many different cultures as possible while she is young enough to be affected by the experiences.

Upon learning about the upcoming Sport Accord Combat Games and said that she would love to be in Beijing, China for the event, “How could you not want to be part of such a great event in one of the most beautiful cultures of the world?” said Melinda.

Though not heavily involved with politics or charities, Melinda understands the need to stay up with the world at large and looks forward to getting involved with COC Elite’s selected charity organization, the Risarc Foundation.

When asked about influential people in her life, she points to her family, but recognizes the influence that religion has played in her life. “A belief in God has always been important because there have been difficult times in my life where there was nothing more I could do, and I know I couldn’t have made it without his help.” Melinda said.

Currently, Melinda works at a local theme park where, despite a costume that can get heated, she delights in scarring patrons, “I get a kick out of seeing people scared. It’s so funny to watch them fall down or run into walls.” she says. When she is not scaring people, Melinda works as a model specializing in hair shows.

Melinda is encouraged by the support she gets from her family. Support that has been there ever since she decided to be a singer at a young age. Melinda spoke foundly of how her Mom loves to brag about all her talented children.

Melinda found her way to COC Elite by way of a model search. When she found out that COC Elite was involved in Muay Thai, she was immediately excited. “I have a friend who is into Martial Arts and Muay Thai and she has given me a few lessons.” Melinda said. Melinda felt that although she wasn’t much of an athlete growing up, her training as a dancer would make her a very dangerous kicker. When asked to name her favorite fighter, Melinda immediately named Clifton Brown.

Another aspect for Melinda and her growing respect for Muay Thai is how prominent a role the female athletes play. And like Rochelle she is impressed with Julie Kitchen and Angie Parr. “You just have to respect them as beautiful women involved in such a rugged sport that are able to balance family life and their sport with amazing grace.” Melinda said. When asked about hobbies, although not much of a gamer, and admitting the fact that she is still learning how to work the controls, she said that she would love to develop an action oriented game with a heroine along the lines of Laura Croft.

Melinda says that she is extremely excited about being a part of the COC Elite team and understands the magnitude of the role she will play.

Melinda acknowledged that being a part of a team will be something she will learn and grow from and fully believes in the opportunities that becoming the Champions of Champions Elite spokesperson will bring her. You can find out more about Rochelle and Melinda along with the other two members from the Women of COC Elite on the website: http://www.coc-elite.com Join Risarc Productions and Champions of Champions for our next broadcast on August 27th.

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