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An interview Cosmo Alexandre

An interview Cosmo Alexandre

interview Cosmo Alexandre.




By Serge TREFEU (2010)

Serge TREFEU: Hello Cosmo how are you go shape there. You are native of Brazil you grew in which region?

COSMO ALEXANDRE: Hello Serge, I’m from Brazil, I grew up in Santos , it is a beach city near Sao Paulo.

S.T.: When you were child are you practiced combat sports, otherwise which sports you made before the boxing?

C.A.: I used to be a soccer player, but I stopped when I was 19 years old and after this I start fight Muay Thai.

S.T.: How much you were in your family?

C.A.: My mother, sister, wife and son.

S.T.: In Brazil the most popular combat sports are the capoeira and the jujitsu, why to have chosen the Thai Boxing, who attracted you in this sport?

C.A.: I would like to be a striker…

S.T.: What was your first gym of Thai Boxing in Brazil, with which trainer you began?

C.A.: My first coach was Marcelo Mendes, the name of the team was Nai Kha Nom Tom.

S.T.: The MMA begins to be very developed in Brazil but is what Muay Thai develops very also?

C.A.: A little, but not the same as MMA…MMA is getting more popular here everyday.

S.T.: What discipline of boxing is the most practiced in gyms in Brazil, Muay Thai, the Kickboxing, K1?

C.A.: I think K1…but lots of teachers say they teach Muay Thai, but it is kick boxing, with K1 rules…

S.T.: How much you have make of fights of boxing in Brazil?

C.A.: I fought about 20 times in Brazil.

S.T.: In what year you left the first time for Thailand, how it is crossed your first experience in this country?

C.A.: I went to Thailand on April 2007… it was a crazy experience and changed my career.

S.T.: To what camp you went you to train?

C.A.: Rompsrithong, in Kratumbaen, Samut Sakorn (30Km from Bangkok)

S.T.: How long you stayed in this camp, can you say to us how it crossed your trainings?

C.A.: First time I lived there for a year, but I go back there every year and spend some time there. The train there is really hard, almost never they have foreigners training.

S.T.: Did you try the other camps in Thailand?

C.A.: During the It’s Showtime Reality Show I trained at the Super Pro Samui…but just for a while.

S.T.: You like the Thai culture?

C.A.: Yes, especially the food…it is awesome!

S.T.: What you like most in Thailand?

C.A.: The passion for the fight, and the food!

S.T.: Since you are installed in Thailand what is what it happened that to you something of unusual, strange, with the training or with the fight which you could tell us?

C.A.: After a fight against Changpuang my thai coach asked to change my nationality to Thailand…

S.T.: Today where you train?

C.A.: Mike’s Gym and Memorial Arena. Today I am back to Santos, here in Brazil. I train here at the Memorial Arena Team and some weeks before the fights I go to Amsterdam to train at the Mike’s Gym.

S.T.: In what category you fight now?

C.A.: 70 and 77kg

S.T.: How much you have make of fights in Thailand?

C.A.: About 15 fights.

S.T.: Until today in your career you made how many fights, victories and defeats?

C.A.: 50 fights, 38 wins, 1 draw.

S.T.: You gained many fights by KO?

C.A.: About twenty…

S.T.: What are your strong points?

C.A.: I like to clinch, knee and elbows.

S.T.: And your weak points which you would more like to work?

C.A.: Boxing

S.T.: There is a particular technique which you like making in fight?

C.A.: No…

S.T.: You have the powerful low kick, moreover you gained several fights by KO with this technique, it is the technique which you work on the training a lot?

C.A.: No no, I train everything …

S.T.: You fight in Muay Thai and in K1 rule, in what discipline you most like fighting?

C.A.: Muay Thai, I feel more comfortable, but I am training to get better at K1 rules.

S.T.: You fought in two big stadium of Bangkok, Radja and the lumpinee, in which one of these two stadiums you had most sensation?

C.A.: Lumpinee!

S.T.: In 2007 you fought for the first time on the Queen’s Birthday in Bangkok for world champion WPMF’s belt, what memory you have of this first fight during it prestigious event?

C.A.: It was a wonderful day, the first big event I was in, and a Brazilian fight had fight there.

S.T.: Your title of championship of the World you lost against the champion John Wayne Parr in Australia, fighter that you beat then by KO, that do you think of this opponent and the fight which you made against him?

C.A.: The first fight against JWP we were competed the WMC World Title Belt which Buakaw had won but didn’t defend, so this fight JWP won this belt. JW is a very good fighter, both fights were good, now it is 1-1, so we need to fight the third time!

S.T.: In 2008 you are going to fight in Amsterdam for the TV reality show “It’s Showtime “, you beat Greek Asonitis Costa and French Gregory Choplin, what memory you have of these fights, of this evening and especially of this experience in the broadcast “It’s Showtime Reality TV “?

C.A.: It was an important event because it was the opportunity to show my job to Europe…

S.T.: The following year, in 2009, you meet the best one of the current of your category, the Thai Yodseanklai, you lose the fight in front of this redoubtable opponent, what you think of Yodseanklai?

C.A.: He is the best fighter up to 72 kg, but he is not unbeatable.

S.T.: Year 2009 was all the same an excellent year for you because you beat great champions as Dzhabar Askerov, John Wayne Parr, Madsua, Naruepol Fairtex and you gain King’s tournament WMC Cup at the King’s Birthday, it is a good memory this tournament? What opponent was the most difficult to beat to gain this title?

C.A.: Madsua, he fought before and I knew he is very strong. It was an awesome day, I was really happy!

S.T.: Year 2010 began well for you because in “It’s Showtime” of Milan you beat by KO the titleholder, experimented Dmitry Shakuta, then you beat by KO Csaba Györfy, always for the title “It’s Showtime” in Budapest. Of what do you think of these fighters and that represents this title for you?

C.A.: Fight against Shakuta was very important because he is really well known in Europe as a great Muay Thai fighter. This title was very important to improve my career.

S.T.: On May 29th in Amsterdam in “It’s Showtime” you are lose again the Dutch Nieky Holzken, what do you thinks of your fight and of your opponent?

C.A.: He was very intelligent and fought to win in the Showtime rules, if he didn’t knock me down I had won.

S.T.: One of the best French in 75 kg at present is Yohan Lidon, what is that you know him and would like you to face him?

C.A.: He is one of the best fighters in the category for sure, it would be my honour to fight against him.

S.T.: There is an opponent in particular that you would like to face?

C.A.: No, I always want to fight, against anyone, but if I had to choose I would fight against Buakaw.

S.T.: When you began Muay Thai what is what there are boxers who you one influenced for the continuation of your career?

C.A.: In the beginning of my career Marcos Rodrigues, from Brazil, and Ernesto Hoost, after, Pajunsuk, Sakmongkol, and lots of fighters…

S.T.: What are for you the best fighters of your category at present?

C.A.: In 70 kg: Artur Kyshenko and Petrosyan. In 77 kg: Yohan Lidon, and a Brazilian fighter, not very known yet, but very good and strong, Diego Sebastiao.

S.T.: So far what was your hardest fight, why?

C.A.: Yodsaenklai because he broke my nose in the 1st round!

S.T.: Have you already had a fight or you lost in points and finally you managed to return the situation to gain?

C.A.: Against John Wayne Parr

S.T.: Your best memory of boxing until today?

C.A.: Winning the King’s Cup.

S.T.: And the worst?

C.A.: I forgot…

S.T.: Do you make a good living thanks to the boxing?

C.A.: Yes, thanks God I have a good life only boxing.

S.T.: You know former French champions or from now on and of what do you think of French fighters?

C.A.: Le Banner for sure, I also know Yohan Lidon and Gregory Choplin both are very good fighters.

S.T.: Would you like to come to fight in France challenged one of our champions?

C.A.: Yes, I would love to fight in France. It would be a pleasure, but I don’t like to challenge, it looks a little aggressive… I like to go make my job and come back home.

S.T.: What is your objective for 2010?

C.A.: Keep the Showtime Belt, and make good fights in MMA.

S.T.: You want to add anything?

C.A.: I would like to thank you for the opportunity to talk to you, thanks to my fans in France, hope to fight there soon. God Bless you all!

S.T.: Last questions which I also ask to your friend Leo Monteiro, who do you see victorious for the football World Cup 2010 in South Africa?

C.A.: I would like Ivory Coast win!

S.T.: Thank you for this interview?

Cosmo in 28 years is among best world of his category. It is a very powerful and technical fighter with an unpredictable boxing. Accustomed now to big event, he beat great champions such as Wanlop Sitpholek, Gregory Choplin, Dzabar Askerov, John Wayne Parr, Madsua, Narupol Fairtex, Dmitry Shakuta!

His margin of progress is big still, he did not stop amazing us…


Weight: 77 kg

Height: 187 cm

Number of fight: 50. 38 wins. 11 Losses. 1 draw


It’s Showtime 77MAX champion (2010).

WMC King’s Cup Challenger tournament champion (2009).

WPMF World title (2007).

WMC Intercontinental Champion (2007)

Team: Mike’s Gym and Memorial Arena