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Muay Thai Master vs Foreign Challengers (Saenchai Knockouts & Highlights)

Saenchai Knockouts & Highlights (more…)

Artem Levin (James Law/GLORY) Artem Levin: ‘Success Loves Silence’

Artem Levin, one of the top pound-for-pound kickboxers, has not appeared in big kickboxing events since his controversial refusal to continue in his title fight with Simon Marcus at GLORY 27 in February 2016. In that fight, referee Al Wichgers ruled an eight-count knockdown against Levin, the reigning and defending middleweight champion, just after Levin went outside the ropes following a knee...

(Russian) Менеджер Артема Левина Сергей Бусыгин: «Такого наглого судейства я не видел даже на районных соревнованиях»

GLORY 27 Chicago – Countdown


Countdown to GLORY 26 Amsterdam


Wayne Barrett analysis Schilling vs. Wilnis

Joe ‘Stitch Em Up’ Schilling (19-6, 11 KO’s) and Jason ‘Psycho’ Wilnis (25-5-1, 7 KO’s) are on collision course in the main event of this Friday’s GLORY 24 DENVER card live on Spike TV. Schilling is already in line for a middleweight title shot and was supposed to be facing Russian champion Artem ‘The Lion’ Levin on Friday in a trilogy rubber-match. Levin withdrew because of i...

(Russian) Вердум – новый чемпион UFC

I jumped on table when he did it. It was long time I've waited for the moment. I always knew he is the champion. I congratulate Fabricio Werdum. The excellent smart work. Cain Velasquez is a great warrior. Period without fights effected on the result. Big respect!

Tyrone Spong || HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT


Buakaw Compilation


The Top 5 Boxers in Muay Thai

“Lazy hands will bring poverty.” I remember hearing these words whistle through the gym a moment after I was dropped to my knees by a monstrous right uppercut from my sparring partner. (more…)