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Interview with Artem Levin: I want to fight with an opponent, instead of “It’s Showtime”

Interview with Artem Levin: I want to fight with an opponent, instead of “It’s Showtime”

11 October. Moscow. Amsterdam Boxing club held a master class training with the honored Master of Sports in Thai boxing, multiple Muay Thai World Champion Artem Levin. After the training Artem kindly agreed to give an interview to THAIBOX.RU.He told us about his latest fights and his plans for the future.

Artem, please tell us about your first It’s Showtime belt defense – judging by the prefight statements, Murtel Groenhart wanted to take your champion title badly.

I suppose that “Its Showtime” itself wants me to lose the belt so it could stay in Holland. That’s the real reason why all my “It’s Showtime” fights are not very attractive and spectacular: I have to fight not only with the rival, but also with the judges, who are ready to deprive me of victory for any misstep. So I have to work carefully, to avoid any mistakes. But it should be a knock out win, to avoid any other judges decisions.

Artem, our website comments prove that the title defense fight fetched the audience more than the fight with Lucien Ouzgni.

To tell the truth, I do not like my “It’s Showtime” fights myself. I would like to refer to the organizers: Give me a possibility to fight only with an opponent. I want to take risks, show spectacular fighting and viewy knockouts.

In late July you had only two fights at the Russian Championship held in Chelyabinsk. The audience did not have enough time to see you as follows. What can you say about you performance there.

The main task was the national team selection, so I had to prove my team place. I set a target to try myself in the up to 81 weight category again and to work out some fight elements. Another necessary task for me was to support the team. I think I have managed to do it.

However, due to the champion belt defense fight you did not take part in the World Championship.

Yes, I was not able to attend Tashkent World Championship, but anyway I will take part in the World Cup next year. In 2012 the World Championship will take place in our country – in St. Petersburg. I came to Moscow from St. Petersburg, where I had conducted another master class training and talked to the press. My trip there was in some way associated with the upcoming World Cup and I believe that this is a big step in the development of Thai boxing and martial arts in Russia. The World Games of Martial Arts – Martial Arts Olympics will also take place in St. Petersburg in 2013. Our team won the first team place last year in Beijing. I brought back gold, winning in principle final fight against Yodsaenklai Fairtex. So 2012 and 2013 will be rich with the amateur muay thai events.

What about professional tournaments?

Another major tournament will be held in Chelyabinsk In February 2012. It will be similar to the “For Russia!” tournament which took place this year, A number of titles in boxing, kickboxing were at stake there. In particular, I got WBC muay thai Champion Belt winning Kaoklay Kaennorsing. And, of course, Muay Thai Premier League –it is still young but rapidly developing project with big fees. This weekend the second stage was held in Italy, where in my subgroup Kaoklay won the Italian Roberto Cocco, which I will box in Amsterdam this November. And in the other group Jiri Zak lost on points to belgian Mark De Bont in my weight – I want to see this fight myself, because Jiri Zak was the favorite of the match. At the moment I have two signed contracts for the fights in Muay Thai Premier League. On Friday I’ll be home in Prokopyevsk where I will begin the final phase of training – sparring work on the eve of the fight in Amsterdam. Then, it might be a fight with a Dutch athlete in Latvia. In December, I will probably get some rest, because Premier League is planned for January. So my schedule is quite busy.

Artem, i would like to ask one more question about the Premier League: two first group places pass over to the playoffs and, after Artem Vakhitov lost to Simon Marcus, it is likely that you will meet in the semifinals.

We will be boxing if it is necessary, but none of us wants to, because we are not only colleagues and sparring partners, but also good friends. For me he is like a protégé, my younger brother. The main task is to pass over the group stage and show the audience spectacular fighting.

Artem, thanks for the interview. What will you say to the visitors of our website?

Go in for Thai boxing, take exercises and physically advance – A sound mind in a sound body