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  • Бас Бун отвечает на протесты против Сэма Шилта|Golden Glory’s Bas Boon Replies to Simon Rutz’s Allegations Against Semmy Schilt

Бас Бун отвечает на протесты против Сэма Шилта|Golden Glory’s Bas Boon Replies to Simon Rutz’s Allegations Against Semmy Schilt

Бас Бун отвечает на протесты против Сэма Шилта|Golden Glory’s Bas Boon Replies to Simon Rutz’s Allegations Against Semmy Schilt

Менеджер клуба Golden Glory, Бас Бун решил защитить лидера своего клуба, Сэма Шилта. После проигрыша в финале 16 К-1 команда Хесди Гергеса, во главе с менеджером It’s Showtime/Black Label Fighters Саймоном Рутцом написала протест, где требует дисквалификации Сэма. Во время боя с Хесди Гергесом Шилту без разрешения судьи забинтовали травмированную голень, что стало причиной споров.

We all knew this was coming eventually, as It’s Showtime/Black Label Fighters decided to throw out a rather crass allegation against Semmy Schilt and Golden Glory in regards to the Semmy Schilt vs. Hesdy Gerges Final 16 bout. The claim was, of course, that Golden Glory taped up a cut on Semmy Schilt’s leg without K-1’s doctors inspecting the cut.

Бас Бун заявил, что инициатором апелляции был Саймон Рутц, который всеми способами хочет “насолить” менеджменту Golden Glory. Бун сказал, что судейство было вполне честным – два раунда выиграл Сэм, один Гергес, потому счет поединка 2-1 вполне закономерен. Про нарушения правил нужно было говорить во время боя, а не после него. При том Бун считает, что за столь незначительное нарушение стоит наказывать предупреждением или максимум желтой карточкой.

Основа сложившейся ситуации лежит намного глубже, чем финал 16 К-1. Истинной причиной споров и “войны” в прессе является противостояние двух главных организаций кикбоксинга Голландии – It’s Showtime/Black Label Fighters во главе с Саймоном Рутцом и Golden Glory во главе с Басом Буном. Golden Glory посерьезней и имеет больше влияния, но Рутц в своем распоряжении имеет много ярких талантов вроде Бадра Хари, Джорджио Петросяна и Хесди Гергеса, которые помогают продвигать свои интересы.

Источник: Новости боев К-1

Zach Arnold of FightOpinion reached out to Golden Glory manager Bas Boon for his thoughts on the matter, and as you could imagine, Bas held nothing back.

The protest comes from a frustrated Simon Rutz who does not control his “star” fighter Badr Hari. Round one and two were for Semmy and round three for Hesdy, so the result 2-1 is correct.

As for the protest, I hope for Hesdy that the unprofessional behavior of his management will not lead to not using Hesdy in a superfight or reserve fight on December 11th. All fighters and coach/managers must sign a form at the rule meeting and can not discredit K-1 (Simon likes to speak about the rules, well… this is also a rule). Simon Rutz has all the right to protest how much he wants, but he should first wait for the result which takes two or three weeks according to K-1 rules.

What is really surprising is that a Dutch newspaper “the telegraph” printed this story on the front page – stating there is e a big chance of Semmy being disqualified? This is speculation, as K-1 never spoke to any media about any protest or result (confirmed by mail) and these lies came by a press conference from Simon. I contacted K-1 and they never talked to any media about this. This was orchestrated by Simon Rutz, who is a promoter himself and has his own agenda. They called the action of Bas Boon sneaky?

If Rutz would have read the K-1 rules, he could have seen that the worst penalty they could have given me for taping Semmy after the first round would be a caution, warning or finally a point deduction or yellow card. However, I did use tape from the organization and an official was present who ask me to stop taping when the second round started, so there is nothing sneaky about that – as Simon claimed in the Dutch telegraph newspaper.

It also proved that we could enjoy another two great rounds and that medical interference was never necessary.

Disqualification is mentioned in the K-1 rules if I would have entered the ring during the fight, which did not happen.

It’s a last attempt of desperate management (if you can call it a management) who sees their “star” fighters not performing or even not see them at all… not to mention how unprofessional this behavior is.

Kharitonov performed very well in only his second K-1 fight and Saki and Alistair did great. Semmy had a hard fight, but deserved the win.

The underlying problems here have to do with the two biggest fight camps involved in kickboxing going head-to-head. Golden Glory is clearly the big dog here, but Rutz’s Black Label has talent like Badr Hari, Giorgio Petrosyan and Hesdy Gerges and many other developing stars. If anything, this puts K-1 in a bind, as it has to be fair to both sides to keep them happy. Rutz has made it clear that It’s Showtime can work on its own, and the yearly Golden Glory shows have been successful enough for them to branch out into their new tournament format.

K-1 has to keep both sides together, as a fracture could create an irreversable rift in the kickboxing world. If It’s Showtime/Black Label refuses to work with Golden Glory or vice versa, want to see a Badr Hari vs. Alistair Overeem rubber match? Never happening. Will Badr Hari ever get his win back over Sem Schilt? Who knows if this happens. This could be a disaster for not only K-1 but kickboxing fans worldwide as well.

Source: Head Kick Legend by Dave Walsh
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