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Artut Kyshenko Interview – Siam Fight Mag

Artut Kyshenko Interview – Siam Fight Mag

By Serge TREFEU (2010)

Serge TREFEU: Hello Artur how are you. You have only 24 years old and already a very beautiful career, at what age you began the boxing?
ARTUR KYSHENKO: I start training in 11 years boxing, and in 12 years I start training thai-boxing

S.T.: You were born in Ukraine in Odessa in what district of the city you increased?
A.K.: In Ukraine, Odessa , in the center

S.T.: Child you were a brawler?
A.K.: No, maybe a little bit…

S.T.: How you discovered the boxing and what attracted you in this sport?
A.K.: Caused a district it is simply necessary it was to stand for itself

S.T.: In your city what is that there was many gym of Thai boxing?
A.K.: Today, a lot of, when began to train, it was one or a few

S.T.: What was your first gym with which trainer you began?
A.K.: Till today, there is same hall and same trainer(Batrinu)

S.T.: When you began the Thai Boxing in Ukraine this sport was well known?
A.K.: No, not very much known, only in the circles of thaiboxers

S.T.: And today in Ukraine Muay Thai is developed well, do there have often events?
A.K.: Tournaments of thai boxing are often enough

S.T.: You have made a very beautiful amateur career, what was your first amateur important title?
A.K.: Champion of Ukraine from grown man, on 15 years

S.T.: In 2006 you gained your first great tournament K1 East Europe, it’s in rule K1, what memory you have of this tournament?
A.K.: In the first time I fought three fights for an evening and I did not know that after, I will get to Japan and it will change in my life!

S.T.: 2006 was a beautiful year because you gain the golden medal of the World championship IFMA in Bangkok. You beat quite your opponents before the limit, what opponents gave you most difficulty?
A.K.: At that moment it seemed to me that not in general complications with opponents on this tournament!

S.T.: In 2006 you fight so for the first time in K1 Max in Japan, you meet a great champion Rayen Simson whom you beat in points, you remember this first fight in Japan and of whom do you think of your opponent?
A.K.: On a that moment I did not know who such Simson, a then I certainly was describe who I won for! I’m very high opinion about Simson!

S.T.: The following year you are qualified for K1 Max 2007, in quarter of final you beat Greek Mike Zambidis and in half final you lose by KO against the Japanese star Masato, of whom thinks you of your fights against Zambidis and Masato?
A.K.: Against Zambides it’s was very difficult moral influenced because he 100% knockoutman! Against Masato I was glad that won at Zambidis…

S.T.: 2007 was all the same a beautiful year because you gain again the golden medal at world championships IFMA in Bangkok, it is another beautiful memory this victory in Bangkok?
A.K.: A fight against sportsman from Thailand, all hall was near and was ill for me

S.T.: You prefer to fight in Muay Thai or in rule K1?
A.K.: It was easy before Muay Thai and now K-1 .On what rules, prepare to them and adapt oneself

S.T.: Are you train already in camps in Thailand?
A.K.: No, practice and prepare to the fights in Ukraine in Odessa

S.T.: You know well the Thailand?
A.K.: No, not well

S.T.: What do you think of Thai fighters?
A.K.: Very good fighters but in the rules of Muay Thai

S.T.: Yodseanklai Fairtex and Sayoknoi Pumpanmuang are at present thais most hardly in your category, you know them, would like you to face them in rule Muay Thai?
A.K.: I don’t know them, and in rules of Muay Thai, I can fight with them

S.T.: You like fighting with elbows?
A.K.: Yes, but very not justly for a section

S.T.: Your best performance in K1 World Max was in 2008 or you beat Australian Jordan Thai, Japanese Yasuhiro Kido and Dutch star Andy Souwer, that think you of these fighters and
especially of Souwer who gained twice K1 Max?
A.K.: Honour and respect practically all fighters of K-1! Souwer, very clever strong fighter

S.T.: You arrive in final of K1 Max 2008 and you lose in front of already victorious Masato in 2004, how it is supposed to be this finale what missed you to gain against Masato according to you and that think you of him?
A.K.: I consider that I won this fight! Masato very strong fighter samurai

S.T.: In 2008 you have make a very hard fight in front of Yoshihiro Sato who beat Buakaw by KO, of whom think you of this fight and your opponent?
A.K.: Sato fine fellow that to say there are not words very persistent fight!

S.T.: For K1 Max 2009 you make a big fight against redoubtable Aalviar Lima whom you beat by KO but you lose then in points in a close decision against Andy Souwer, what memory you have of this K1 Max 2009?
A.K.: Very hard fight with Souwer, I had a very large section but I consider that me in this fight was better

S.T.: Buakaw Por Pramuk, Albert Kraus and Giorgio Petrosyan are the stars of the K1 Max which you have not met yet against which one you would most like to fight?
A.K.: Under any will be prepares, however with whom to fight

S.T.: To gain the title K1 Max, it is the most important title that you would like to win?
A.K.: It one of tops in life which I want to overmaster!

S.T.: Who are for you the strongest fighters in your category?
A.K.: Well it is probably possible to reason, it is a last champion of K-1

S.T.: Until today what was your hardest fight?
A.K.: Fight with Masato in 2008 because Masato is very strong and this was a finale

S.T.: What is your best memory of fight?
A.K.: Fight against Lima I so much prepared and won as easy as anything!

S.T.: And the worst?
A.K.: There are not bad fights all the fight, it is experience and step in life

S.T.: What technique you most like making in fight?
A.K.: Under every competitor pick up tactic, I like technique of hands

S.T.: Your left hook in the liver and your High Kick back leg pass often very well in fight, it is techniques which you often work on the training?
A.K.: Yes, I train it often, and train on trainings

S.T.: Can you describe us typical week of training before a fight?
A.K.: 2 training in a day and in the morning, work on punchbag and paos, in the evening work with a partner and revisions with a trainer! so every day, on Saturday sauna and swimming in a pool

S.T.: What are your strong points?
A.K.: Hands, feet, knees and I am strong in general…

S.T.: And your weak points which you would more like to work?
A.K.: There are not weak points. Only a skin can thin frequent sections

S.T.: Do you Know French fighters and of what do you think of French fighters?
A.K.: I know only Lebanner, I very likes me, very strong character

S.T.: There are opponents in particular that you would like to meet?
A.K.: No, but maybe Masato!

S.T.: When you began the boxing what is what there are boxers who you one influenced for the continuation of your career?
A.K.: No, it is simple my way of life

S.T.: Until today in your career you made how many fights, victories and defeats?
A.K.: Amateurs 130 fights, 18 losses, professionals 40 fights, 5 losses

S.T.: Can you speak to us about your current gym, which is your trainer and which is your sparring partner?
A.K.: Trainer Batrinu P.A. , a sparring partner change constantly!

S.T.: Do you make a good living thanks to the boxing?
A.K.: Boxing helps me to build my life

S.T.: What is your objective for 2010?
A.K.: To stand a Champion of K-1

S.T.: You want to add anything?
A.K.: Thanks a lot to the fans and all who supports me

S.T.: Thank you for this interview and Good Luck for your fights!
A.K.: Thank you so much

Artur Kyshenko is the boxer of the K1 Max who rises in power every year,
it is a fighter in the clean boxing without waste, very precise in its knocks.
His big amateur career allowed him to acquire a robust experience in professional.
Many specialists see him as great favourites for the title of K1 Max 2010.
One finale between this young warrior and the new champion of the K1 Max Petrosyan would be the “Best” of year 2010!

Weight: 72 Kg
Height: 1m78
Number of fights: 40. 35 wins. 5 Losses. Amateur. 130. 112 wins. 18 Losses
K-1 MAX East European GP Champion (2006).
IFMA World Muay Thai Championships Gold medal (2006 and 2007).
IFMA World Muay Thai Championships Bronze medal (2003).
Ukrainian Muay Thai champion (2005 and 2006)
Team: Captain Odessa